“I have inherited a belief in community, the promise that a gathering of the spirit can both create and change culture.” Terry Tempest Williams

The Warwick Art League is a community of artists that join together for the benefit of the members; members sharing and growing each others’ creativity and practical goals.  We are also look for ways to share in our community the benefits of our talents, skills and creative spirits.  Never underestimate the contribution you have to offer!

Join the Warwick Art League!  Benefits of membership include discounts on classes and workshops, inclusion in members-only exhibitions, and membership in a community of artists.

Individual membership is only $25 a year, and family membership is $35.

To join, complete this form and mail it together with your payment to: Sarah McHugh PO Box 17, Bellvale, NY 10912. Please make checks payable to Sarah McHugh. Include your current contact information (name, mailing address, email, web address) with your check.

We look forward to having you as a member!

Current membership listing:

Gail Bate
Mary Jo and Roni Mazzerella Ben-Nun
Rachel Bertoni
Mona Birmingham
Linda Bohleke
Josephine Buck
Carole Constant
Joan M. Corser

Doreen Cosgrove
Val Daly
Michael & Diane DeAngelis
Pamela Dipaolo
Joann Fischer
Susan Hope Fogel – Past President
Christine Fullerton
Claire Gaston
Jennifer L. Grant – Publicity Director
Tom Hedderich
Jeanne Hunkapiller
Barbara Johansen
Renee Jones
Patricia & John Kiersten
Peter A. Kopher
Sarah Lane
Danielle Langford
Alma Larkin
Carol Anne Laufenberg
Kirill Leshiner
Carol Levitsky – current Co-President
Sylvia Levy

Cathe Linton
Susan McKenna List
Renelle Lorray
Brian Logan & Vivian Ricupero Logan
Barbara Mach
Dave J. McCutcheon
Louise E. McCutcheon
Sarah E. McHugh – current Co-President/Membership Coordinator/Treasurer

Leila Noueihed
Carol Ann O’Connor
Diane Ouzoonian
Elizabeth Parkinson – Phone Coordinator
Peter Pluchino
Patricia Quinn
Katharine Roman
Ginger Schmidt
Mary Mugele Sealfon 
Karen Segboer
Frank Shuback 
Vera Sly
Lorraine Sniderman
Susan Lynn Spence
Marcia Talbot
Marilyn Vanderpool
Barbara VanDerSluys
Ellen Divine Warren
Susan Webber – Communications Director
Deidre Wexler
Linda L. Whistler
Ethan Williams
Joe Zakzewski
Lisa Zukowski – Past President

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