“Hues & Views” WAL Member Exhibit IMPORTANT INFO

Aug 30 Wed “Hues & Views” Signup deadline: Title, Media & Price to Sarah McHugh (845-987-8748   or sarah@mchughstudio.com )
Sept 2 Sat     9-noon “Hues & Views” Deliver art, Hang exhibit & Sign up for reception
Sept 2-30 “Hues & Views” Exhibit @Wisner Library Downstairs
Sept 8 Fri     4-6pm “Hues & Views” Reception
Sept 30 Sat “Hues & Views” Pickup

From President Sarah McHugh: Can’t believe it’s almost Sept. and a week from this upcoming Saturday we will be hanging the Annual Exhibit. I know it’s Labor Day weekend but had no other choice really–wanted to do it Friday but they are painting the Community Room.   •••Please let Sarah know if you can help hang the exhibit Saturday morning***

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2 Responses to “Hues & Views” WAL Member Exhibit IMPORTANT INFO

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I would like to help hang the exhibit on Saturday morning, September 2nd.
    Here’s the info for my entries, including a potential third photo:

    1. “Rhododendron in Bloom”
    Archival Inkjet Print
    2. “Walden Pond”
    Archival Inkjet Print
    3. “Decanter Stopper”
    Archival Inkjet Print

    Please email or call me at 516-729-5637 if need be.
    I’m really looking forward to the show!
    All the best,

  2. artleague says:

    Hi Peter,

    This info needs to go to Sarah. I will copy and email it to her for you.
    Looking forward to seeing your work!
    Best, Susan Webber

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